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Red SandalWood


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                        For hundreds of years, India and Indians have been long deprived of this precious cash crop called "Red Sandalwood”. This wild tree yields Crores of rupees however needs least human intervention or care for its growth. India is one among the only six countries which has the favorable soil and climate conditions to grow Red Sandalwood and was once a huge supplier to the rest of the world. However in the recent past the situation became such that India had to import Red Sandalwood from other countries as the natural resource from the forests had almost come to an extinct.

                        Finally in the year 2008, with Government of India amending its act and giving permissions to cultivate Red Sandalwood has opened doors for individuals and co-operate bodies to relish the rich outcome of cultivating this wild crop. Red Sandalwood’s cultivation is no hidden secret or rocket science however there are 26 species of this tree and one needs to know which one has to be selected for cultivation, in a given type of soil. If prior tests and selections are not done carefully the results can be fatal as the trees would still grow however would not yield the desired results. This tress when grown under organized cultivation with drip irrigation, fetch maximum results.